Installation, Assistance and Data Management

First and foremost a human company
Certified Installers

To hep you quickly start an Eliot telematics project, and get the faster the benefits, our installers will make every effort to equip your fleet as soon as possible.

Training to Autonomy

Posted by Eliot, or commissioned to install our equipment, we put at your disposal our teams of specialized technicians who not only install up the Eliot devices, but also will train your own service technicians, so you autonomy and quicker if you need to install or change your park in reduced reaction time.

A hotline at your disposal

Everything is set up to facilitate the integration of onboard telematics in your daily.

Our technical department is always available to answer your questions and help you manage your Eliot devices.

Eliot's friendly and competent hotliners, work closely with our technical and development services as well as our partners, to quickly satisfy your technical questions and specific demands.

Opening Hours
  • From Monday to Friday
  •         from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (without interruption)
  • Saturday
  •         from 8.30 am to 11.30 am
  • N° Support : +33 (0)4 76 93 49 06
Eliot Guarantees
  • Your working conditions put a strain on your hardware?
    Discutez avec nous des Options et Extensions de garanties, et utilisez votre matériel en toute sérénité.

  • Vous voulez un suivi du matériel sur toute sa durée d'utilisation ?
    Optez pour le Contrat de Maintenance et nous nous occupons

  • You Need to shorten exchanges with customer service ?
    We offer Exchange Solutions in the shortest time. This ensures you the tranquility to continue to work in the best conditions without wasting time.

Our equipment is designed for demanding environments and harsh working conditions. We offer our customers different options of guarantees and maintenance to keep their mind free.

You have a specific need to use our equipment in the best conditions ? Contact us, we surely have a solution for you!

Data Management

The Eliot devices collect GPS positions and different data corresponding to the activity of your vehicles or mobile personal.

If the conditions for connection to networks of telecom operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR ...) are established, data are sent in real time to secure facilities that host processing servers. If the network connection is temporarily unavailable (cover missing, vehicle network in a tunnel, etc ...), the data is queued in equipment and sent as soon as the network connection is restored, without loss information.

Within the Eliot Infrastructure, the data is saved, processed and prepared to be returned to our customers through different access interfaces that we provide.

Eliot Network
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Customers Interfaces

The collected data, analized and stored by Eliot, can be returned to their owners and exploitations in different forms according to the client's needs.

  • Find your information and analysis :
    with Eliotnet and EliotDesk, real-time web and software solutions.

  • Retrieve your files :
    'aux formats d'export des logiciels de traitement des paies et données sociales (ex: Timedisc, Solid, Strada etc...).

  • Interface your own tools :
    and IT services, directly connected to the web-services provided by Eliot.

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