Communicating Onboard Telematics Solution

"An onboard evolutive telematics offer, collecting the data of your fleet in real time. "

The Eliot300 Solution is built around an hardened onboard platform, including a multi-tasking kernel and a real-time GPS/GSM TCP/IP communicating card.
The set is battery powered after cutting, it can remain powered 24/24h and may disconnect automatically after a set period.

This solution includes the latest mobile technology and requires no vehicle downtime for updating embedded software.

Eliot 300 face
Main Features
  • Driving assistance (legal compliance).
  • Manage calls, repertory and restrictions remotly.
  • Data transmission via IP protocol with GSM DATA or GPRS mode.
  • Acquisition of social data (tachograph).
  • Acquisition of technical data provided by manufacturers on the CAN BUS standard FMS.
  • Acquiring and storing GPS positions to retrieve routes.
  • Man-machine interface for the presentation of instructions and reporting of achievement.
  • Interface with PDA and barcode reader...
Eliot 300 badges Dallas iButton Badge
Identification with Badge

Eliot300 allows the identification of two people simultaneously thanks to two card readers placed in front of the device.

This way of identification ensures continuity of information in case of change of vehicle.

Type of badge : Dallas® iButton
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Compatible Terminals

The Eliot300 Solution can be paired to different terminals in order to setup interactivity with onboard personnel and improve efficiency and responsiveness with the operating base.

MDT 501

A rugged touchscreen PND, widely deployed and tested for our professionnal clients.

MDT 502

Last generation of our rugged PND, the MDT512 offers the same features and efficiency of the new smartphone technology.

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Optional accessories
Identification with Card

Whether through the tachograph or directly via a card reader connected to the device, the Eliot300 Solution allows you to identify your staff with their driver card.

This way of identification ensures continuity of information in case of change of vehicle.

Remote C1b-V1b Dump

Paired with Eliot ECR, located in your exploitation, the Eliot300 Solution allows you to dematerialize your Corporate Card, empty and upload your legislation files without locking in your vehicles or call your drivers back to base.

Kit Tag Remorque
Kit Tag Trailer

Paired with Tag Trailer, Eliot300 automatically identifies the hooking and unhooking of your trailers et allows you to geotag et transfer the informations to your operating base in real-time.

see Tag Trailer specifications

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Technical ELIOT 300
  • General
  • Microprocessor : 32bits
  • Real-time Kernel : Industrial Multi-tasking
  • GPS Modem : u-blox Antaris (R)
  • 4-16 channels
  • Communications
  • IP Protocole : End-to-End tcp/ip Communication
  • GSM/GPRS : Modem Wavecom classe 10
  • external antenna
  • Bus CAN : Compatible with v1 & v2 FMS standards
  • Input/Output : 2 Pulse I/O
  • 2 All or Nothing I/O
  • Compatible Analogue tachographs
  • Kienzle : 1318, 1319, 1324, 1324 Volvo
  • Motometer : EGK100 Volvo
  • Veeder Root : TVI 2400 standard and extended
  • TVI 8400
  • Compatible Digital Tachographs
  • Actia : SmarTach
  • VDO-Continental : DTCO 1381
  • Stoneridge
  • Driver Identification
  • Badges : Double Dallas iButton Reader
  • Memory 8ko
  • 2-6 weeks of recording
  • Smart Card : external reader (optionnal)
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Functions : - Permanent self-diagnosis
  • - Self-maintenance procedures
  • - Event log
  • - Remote management
  • - Remote updates

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